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Current Sermon Series

The heart is more than a physical organ that pumps blood around our bodies… we get that. Even if we take it up a notch we might say it is where our feelings are… true. However in terms of our spiritual anatomy, the heart is more than our emotional center where we store our feelings. In God’s eyes the heart is the core of our entire being… the seat of the soul of who we are.

The heart is the storehouse of all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. As it result we all live from our hearts. Unfortunately for us there’s a fracture that exists within our hearts that shows up in various ways within our lives. Furthermore because our heart is core to our entire being, every major issue in life gets dealt with on the landscape of the heart that’s unseen not just the surface that is seen. Knowing this we want to spend some intentional time navigating the landscape of the heart, the land mines that are present and disastrous, and what it looks like for Jesus to sit on the seat of our hearts that we may live full, joyous and courageous lives from a whole and healthy heart.